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Port Sheldon 7/26 am (morning bite!)

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Today was just in general a great day to be on the water! There were almost no boats fishing out of port Sheldon this morning so we were pretty lonely. When we got out of the channel at about 5:30 we noticed we were marking a lot of bait, and a lot of fish! In only 45 FOW we set up shop and started trolling south. The 75 copper went immediately, and pulled in a 10 lb king on a mixed veggie. Not long after the 50 copper with a firecracker spoon on the other side went off and we pulled in a leaping 9 lb steelhead that almost jumped right out of the net. Soon after we caught another nice steelhead on the 125 copper with another mixed veggie. The flurry was over once the sun started to rise. Although later we did catch a 15 lb king in about 90 FOW on another mixed veggie.

Have fun on the water guys!

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Nice catch, going north outta holland tonight, gotta prediction for me

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I think most of the battle will be finding the fish. If you want to go that far north you now have a reason to. Our biggest mistake was that we trolled too far north and we weren't marking fish or bait anymore. We should've turned right around and trolled north back over our honey hole, but we turned west. (Where there were no fish) Hopefully there is a night bite. Good luck to you!

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Thank you for the report. So hard to find guys to share info and communicate nowadays.

I for one always hit the radio when I locate the allusive silver prize we so sought after.


Weekend Hooker III

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