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Left the dock at 6:00 p.m. and went to 130 FOW and started setting lines. Worked 130-150 FOW mainly getting our first around 6:45 on a dowrigger @55 feet with a magnum blue dolphin, which yeilded a 22 lb King! Then had three in a row (1 laker and two steelhead) on a 5 color with an ornage medium sized spoon. After swtiching to spoons on our riggers we had one laker and steelhead that hit a cotton candy magnum spoon @ 35 ft. We finished 5-9 with 6 of the 9 hits on the 5 color with the orange spoon. Sure enough just as the sun hit the lake we had a double (blue dolphin on rigger 55 down and the smae 5 color) and both of the fish broke the line. So there went the hot spoon a board and two nice fish. Overall, and awesome day on the lake.

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