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Take your summer vacation here this year


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Hello members and guest,

Just thought that I'd let you all know that this is my favorite place to go fishing and just relax in the summer for vaction. Well the place is Frankfort Michigan, its a great place to go fishing, camping, and canoing down the Platte river. I usally go in mid July and also in August and thats when I think it is the best time to go fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan. There is plenty of places to stay and camp at there. My favorite place to camp at there is at the Betsi river camp ground and my favorite place to stay at a motel is at the [email protected] motel. Both places are like only 3 miles from the boat launch. The boat launch is really nice with a very nice fish cleaning station there, but you better get there early if you want to get on the lake early because it can get really busy and you want to get on before the sun rises because the fishing is very hot there. The restraunts there are very nice places to eat also. There is the Cabbage shed, Dingy's bar, and there is also two very nice places to get very good icecream in Frankfort. But my best place to eat is at Boons Long Lake Inn at Travers City. Well hope that you will try this place sometime and let me know what you think of this great place to take a vacation at. If you like some more info please give me a PM and I will let you know any other info that you will need.

Check these place:

Boones Long Lake Inn..http://www.michigan.org/travel/detail.asp?m=7;0&p=G12340

Betsi River Camp...http://www.michcampgrounds.com/betsieriver/index-main.php

More stuff in Frankfort...http://www.frankforttacklebox.com/


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Just seen this too. Definitely a great area for fishing and hunting. Buddy owns a place up near there and go up there when I can. We crash at his place during the Tightline for Troops weekend and launch out of Frankfurt to fish the area. Beautiful country up there. That is what got me back into the fishing bite again.

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Agree!  (The Frankfort Chamber is going to love you!)

It's been our home away from home in Holland for the last 25 years.  We were up there 13 times last year and have plans to retire there.

Having said all of that, the sleepy little downtown of Frankfort struggled for years but has been a lot busier the last couple of years (since Stormcloud Brewery come into town?), more business is a good thing!


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