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Grand Haven. 7/20 am. 5 for 8

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Set lines in 80 fow at 6:00am on a SW troll. Picked up a couple of kings right away. One on a three color with a blue veggie spoon and one on a high diver 100 back with a blue freakin veggie. Just set that high diver back and it goes again in less than a minute with another king. Went a little dead for a while after that. We put out a few meat rigs and picked up a 14 lb king on a 10 color with a big weenie white and purple meat rig(not sure of the name) and lost a nice one on that same set up in about 140 fow. Picked up a 12 lb steel head on a high diver 100 back with a blue dolphin in 110 fow straight out from GH. Lost a couple other steelhead later on. Fished until 10:30ish.

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