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South Haven, 07-17-2014

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Tried South Haven again today after the big blow. Had a great time, the lake was a little bumpy but it sure was pretty out. HOWEVER, 0 for 1. Yup, that's what we had. Tried:

Five color, 10 color, 150 copper, 300 copper, downriggers, dipsy's, Thin Fins, Jointed Rapalas, magnum spoons, regular spoons, flashers and flies, spin doctors and flies, different colors enough to create a color wheel. All up and down the water column. Generally below 60 feet the water was in the 40's, although some pockets were warmer in places.

The one hit was on the 150 copper with a jointed Rapala. On for a very short time.

Started out in 90, marked some bait balls, trolled out to last weeks marks in the 160's. Pretty sterile out deep, picked up and moved back to the 90's, started marking bait balls again but very few arches.

Finally said uncle.

Not many perch boats out either.

Hopefully the lake will settle down after the blow.

Good luck all.

Paul C.

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