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Our 3rd Double of the morning so far! Fish are snappin today!

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For the record,Fowlpursuit... I wasn't giving a report. The site copy's the posts off my Facebook page and posts them here automatically. Sorry it wasn't more in depth, but it was posted from a phone, from the water, in-between netting fish.

And my location is in my forum information at the top right of every post. If you want a fishing report for my area, feel free to call and ask me.

But so you're not offended, we were in Lake Superior, 9 miles East of Marquette. Fished 35-50' of water, at 2.6-2.9 ball speed, in 47-50 degree water. Trolling 95 degrees was our best angle. Riggers with 20-35' leads, 25-35 down and Mag spoons with orange. Slide divers set on 3, let out 50-75', with 80' leads to small gold spoons. Leadcores of 2-5 colors with mag RV moonshines took a few fish as well. Sticklebacks in every belly, and lots of bugs as well. :thumb:

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