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Went south from Port Sheldon to try to find some lakers that don't have 50- boats on top of them like south of Holland. Figured that people catch lakers there because that's where people fish for lakers. Maybe I fish for lakers some where else and find them.

Nope. Not really.

Stayed in 90' until tunnel park bouncing between 2.0 and 2.8 on the gps by pulling the bags as needed as the wind changed. Down speed doesn't work. After we turned north nothing happened. Set up at 7 pulled them at 10 after looking at the radar.

1 color SWR 55' down flounder pounder 11# king

Mag wire diver on 2 240' back green glow spinny ps fly 16.3# king. Guy with us first time on the lake first fish from lake Michigan took it to almost 500' on the counter. He was pretty spent when that one hit the net.

Trash can green glow squid pounding bottom 21" laker.

Trash can green white spin and glow pounding bottom 18" laker. Who knows how long those two hitch hiked probably dragged them past all the big lakers.

7 color J-11 orange rapala 10# steel that jumped twice and swam to the boat.

Same 7 color 7# steel that went nuts including after being netted. Jump run jump jump run jumpity jump jump.

With a couple kids on the sticks, our laker trip turned into a nice box of silver at 100% hooked to landed. Not a bad morning rain started right after we put her on the trailer.

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