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Saginaw Bay Au Gres 7-11-2014

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I had the pleasure of fishing with Tom T aka Tall Tails, Mike R aka Sea Mac, and Bruce. We took a quick limit of walleye with little time for anything except reeling and netting. Total fishing time an hour or less. The no wake in the river and the runs out and back in took longer than the actual fishing. Everyone knew what to do and as fast as the fish were coming they just handled it. We never did get out full spread of 12 lines out. The fish just wouldn't stop interrupting us. Antifreeze was good as well as copper. 1.5 MPH 3 oz BB and harnesses off the down rods and 2 oz off the Offshore OR12 boards with tattle flags.:) Ya have to love dat bay. Thanks Tom, Mike, and Bruce for joining me.

We had another slight confrontation at the cleaning station. About 2 more minutes and we would have been out of there incident free.



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Thanks a bunch again Frank, AWESOME dey!

Thank you Mike for joining us and also for the crawlers and salmon. That had to be a record fast trip for us. Too bad Caleb or Cam man weren't along. I hope Bruce enjoyed the fast action. The bay has never been as good as it is right now. Shoot em Elizabeth.:)

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