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South Haven 07/10/2014

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Tried South Haven today, ending up 6 for 11. Two steelhead, one king, two coho and one lake trout.

Two came on a five color with a red thin fin, one on a three hundred copper, (the laker), on a Moonshine with a good bit of orange on it, I think just one on the downrigger and one on the 150 copper with a jointed Rapala with a bunch of orange on it.

Best water was out in the 150's and 160's, and the north troll seemed best, although it was kind of a wash. Must say it was nice having a fish cleaning station, no mess at home!

Also noticed the perch flotilla down toward Deerlick on the way out, but were gone when we came it so not sure how much catching was going on. The lake was beautiful as was the day. We really didn't get any lines set before 10:30 AM or so. (no biting flies!)

Paul C.

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Thanks for the report. Best report I have seen in a while. I was beginning to wonder if the fish were gone. Heading out in the morning. Now I'm a little more encouraged. I thought maybe were were just going out for a boat ride. I will post if we get anything.

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HI Mike,

Hope you find some. We went out to the 160's, the lake was sooooo nice, we were able to run. At South Haven, it was only around 7 miles, I'm thinking its farther at St. Joe to get to that much water. Deepest fish for us was the 300 copper. We tried running deeper but the water was 40 ish on the Fish Hawk nearer the bottom. Cold, Cold, Cold! Dipsies did nothing either. Hope the winds cooperate for you.

Paul C.

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