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What has been hot..

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Some things always work, this year has been different than last. Seems like I remember fishing deeper in the column for sure...

200,150, and 100 coppers...no 300's yet:grin:

2 and 3 colors, even easier

Free sliders, easiest yet.

DW SS, Sunburst by far the hottest for kings and steelhead.

DW SS, Lemon Ice and ShowCar

Stinger Stingray Gator

Fuzzy Bear Modified Dolphin

SS Mag Blue Dolphin

MS Mace Face Mag

MS RV Raptor Mag

SS Mini's in Gold/Orange

DW Mag Sea Sick Waddler

If you talk to others many have different patterens that are working the same, just need to find fish and let baits run it seems.

Whats not been hot, Dipsies period have not been hot except for Lakers. Haven't been running meat since its not needed yet, flasher/flies have caught a few King's so I usually run them early or late and have been pulling to run other rods mid day.

Gold back spoons seem to be better this year for me on higher lines than silver.

Whats been working futher South? This has been from Pentwater North up to Arcadia.

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Mag Moonshine Wonderbread has been great this year on 250 copper or full core, Mag dw glo blue/green dolphin, double orange crush gold back, pro king Mimosa has been great, purple bubble gum silver streak on a dipsey ha been great. Any dipsey with a life is good spinnie and meat.

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That is a cool looking SD, ran one yesterday all day on a low dipsy w/meat from 60-120 back, notta! It has been weird how fish change what they are hitting through out the day, for a couple hours it might be boards then they change to riggers, etc!

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We fished Frankfort for three days in June 13-15 and three in July 2-4 and took 74 fish, 22 were on a Black Screwball. Usually only had one in a 8-10 spread, and occasionally two. June it was good in the standard size, July they wanted mag.

That spoon pattern has been one of our best for us the last six seasons.

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