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Fished Frankfort 7/2 PM and 7/3 AM. Took two man limit each time fishing north.

PM trip we were 10-13 with a nice #19 before we were set up off the slide diver at 199 and a Black Fin Tuna. White Screwball was our best off the rigger at 85. White 8†paddle and Blue/Green Dolphin Eye Fly at 65 took several as did the Double Blue Eye Ghost behind an 11†Blue Bubble paddle on wire diver at 225. Green flounder pounder at dusk nailed a couple as a change up for the BFT. Only one rip off a board and that did not hook up.

AM trip 10-14 that started with a double off both divers and then another double off the 200 CU with Pink Alewife and 4 Color with Michael Jackson. P/F off rigger took a fish so we had five before 7. Then went two hours only one hit. Finally made it back to where the fish were earlier, and had changed out the white screwball for black. It went five times with four boated and 300 CU with RV Green Flounder Pounder finished us up about 9:45.

Key for us was finding the 47* water. Temp dropped down about 10’ from when we started, and as soon as we dropped down there we started taking fish again.



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i was out there but got blown off on 7-2-14 the fog was pretty bad too. Glad you got some fish. I was only able to take two kings befor the wind got bad. 18 ft boat fishing alone, didnt want to take chances out there. Thanks for the report.

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Shot I couldn't even get up to Frankfort 6/30 we duct into Ludington on our way to Frankfort and that's where we stayed until 7/3 . Waves were bad out of the south one day then turned from the north the next which scraped my whole vacation plans back in Whitehall today might go fishing in the AM

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