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My buddy wanted some lake trout so we went on a "trout scout" mission for the evening. Set up in 80 fow out of Holland and put the boat on a due south. Put one trout rig down on a rigger and ran the rest in hopes there was some kings around. Ended 5/7 on trout with just the one rigger down so they're down there and willing to bite. Coppers were dead but we did take a really nice steelie on a 3 color with a mini streak Jerry Lee. Our low divers back 130 and 150 with meat were pretty hot but we couldn't get them to stick, went 1/4 on meat bites but they all seemed to be king bites. The 10' spotted dick big weenie rig went 3 times 150 back and the 10' blue tribal series big weenie rig went once. Kevorkian spinnie on a high diver with a big weenie proctologist flie went once as well. Surface temp was 68-69 and on the bottom with the trout rig was 42. There wasn't really any current so we took fish going both north and south. Sog was 2.3-2.5 and down was the same. Beautiful night on the water. I believe we ended 7/13.


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