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Had a pretty good morning with some good friends in the WMFL yesterday . I left the dock at 5:30 and headed north west to 100 f.o.w. and started looking. We started seeing fish in the 130 range and set up and went on a north troll, with a slight bit of west in it. First fish came as soon as the first rigger stopped dropping and it was a slow but steady pick after that all the way till 11:45. We fished mainly a area from the Port Sheldon piers to the stacks,and from 130 to 180 fow most fish bit from 50 to 80 down at a speed over ground of 2.8 on the north and 3.0 going south.

We ended up 10 for 11 with 2 coho, 1 big laker at a little under 14 lbs, 1 BIG steel head at 15.48 lbs and 6 fair kings.

This was good for first place and big fish for the day :grin::thumb:

Well heres the importent part , what worked and the catch.


These are.

  1. Silver Streak Mag. Org. Peel
  2. Silver Streak Gold Jager Bomb in a reg.
  3. Silver Streak Uv Rainbow Alewive in mini


These are

  1. 8' White pearl Fish Scale cyote flasher with a home made picked sunshine fly.
  2. This is a Big Weenie Meat rig ., not sure of the name.


My good laker for the day.


Mitch with a "VERY" nice Steelhead.


And the crew at the end of a good day :thumb:

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