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Fished 6:30 to 11:00 am. Got a 15 pound king on a 300 copper in 140fow around 8 am then a 7 pound king on the same rig in 170 fow about 10 am. . Nothing else and we tried from 85 fow out to 240. Fog was around all morning but visibility mostly ok. Heard the Lake Express fly past but could not see it. Lucky they have radar, a good horn, and good steering.

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we were out and had lines down in 70FOW at 6:05 AM. Got a greeser on a 8 color mongolian beef - changed that spoon, and moved out to 150. Foggy as you said, we pulled at 9:15 after the ferry went in (we could hear him motoring by to our north - no visual). Had a coho shaker on the probe rigger when we pulled them.

So we ended 2 for 1 (haha) - with the greaseball sent back.

My sending unit / fuel gage on my gas tank is all over the place, so I was unsure of how much gas I had. When trolling it read 1/4 or less. Then when running in almost full. Then going through the channel from 1/4 to full to almost empty.

Guess now I need to keep her full each trip. Only problem there is when it is filled completely - it overfills out of the vent.

I know on my big 4 winns I'd take about 1/3 tank per trip. Still working to figure out the 75HP Mercury Outboard on consumption per trip. Next time out I'll do the top fill, then another top fill after the trip.

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