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Whitehall - 6/19 PM, 10 for 10

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Went 10 for 10 tonight. 1 nice king on a 200 Cu in 200 FOW. Then worked our way in. The magic depth was 137 FOW. Not 139 or 134. It was 137. Picked everything else up there. Got them on a north and south troll, it didn't seem to matter. I wish I knew the colors as well was you guys do. Here it goes...

1 on a blue glow spoon as a slider on a rigger set at 50' down. We threw it out near dark and had a fish on it 10 minutes.

3 on wire divers and (1) meat rig and (2) flies. Colors were blues and greens 160' out and 120' out.

3 on a 300 Cu. I think it was a green meat rig

1 more on a 200 Cu with...can't recall the color but it was meat.

1 more on a rigger down 60 feet down on a Blue Dolphin spoon.

The last 6 fish came in the last 20 minutes of daylight. We probably would have caught more if we had gotten into 137 FOW sooner. Speed was 2.2 at the ball when we were catching fish.


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Great job Timeout, as you know we fish Whitehall too it's our home port. Glad to see you made it out last night we didn't come over this weekend because all the rain . Great job out there finding the fish Whitehall is tough but you found them last night again good job!!!!! See you out there sometime.

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