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We were fishing in the Mud for a few days, now we have moved offshore to look for more fish. We have been fishing from the number change north of the stack in 130-220 feet of water. Riggers at 25-55 with Mix veggies regular and UV in standard size. Gators on the other out down at 55. Cant get a flasher bite on our boat. Slide divers back 100-150 with 65 ft leads have been very good for us. They have had regular blue dolphins and double orange crushes. With the water being 55 on top short coppers have been taking lots of fish Morgans copper in lengths of 50-225ft have been our main spread. Spoons has been double orange crush on a 50, tangerine on a 75, inmate on a 100, uv water melon 150, other side has been orange dolphin on a 50, uv veggie on a 100, freaking veggies on a 150 and blue dolphin on a 225.

Good luck, if you have any questions drop me a PM.

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