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The New N II Deep

N II Deep

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Was able to sell the old FourWinns and make an upgrade to a bigger boat.

the new boat is a 1987 Wellcraft St. Tropez

No rigging on boat so I spent the past weekend converting it.

I went with a set of Cannon Mag 10 STX riggers,

4 feet of Berts track on each side, to hold my three Ram holders and the set of trees that I have on back order with Fish On Sports.

So far I very happy with the boat. I hope to do a shake down run this week depending on the weather, then fish the WMFL on Saturday.





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Glad to see you found a new boat Jon. That's the same boat I have and I love it. I used to have my riggers in the same spot yours are but ended up moving them back to just in front of the rear cleats. I installed a set of 12" cannon tracks and built a couple of angle brackets so my riggers would clear the rail. This just made a little more space along the sides. Have fun with the new boat.

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