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water stains


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Ok has anyone come up with a good home brew for cleaning up hard water stains off the motors and boat.

My boat is painted black and silver so it shows , I know you can buy a spray that works well but at 15.00 a bottle gets somewhat pricey. I have used vinegar with some success but looking for something better.

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just wonder what kind of motor you have if an outdrive and the stains are on the top gearbox a driveshower will cure the issue.

The stains are on the motor and the hull , can remove them and first time out they come back . hard water stains , I do have some luck removing them with vinegar but not complete. I had bought some spray that took them off but at 15.00 dollars a bottle it would take 30.00 to do the boat every time. Yes the stains are on the lower units too. More so where the water can dry , and leave a residue than if its in the water.

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Honestly what I am going to tell you is to HELP you out with your boat cleaning. YES I do sell the products. Its something I do to pay for my boat gas. I am disabled Veteran and this is a real part time deal that I do out of my garage. Yes I am a small business. Lot of people use strong bathroom cleaners to clean mineral deposits. What I don't understand is why they use these strong cleaners on a 30k to 60k boat. They don't seem to know what they are doing to their clear coat. One of the guys above mentioned using rubbing compound and a wheel. IF you were to use Wonderfoam which is made for boats your job would be so simple and fast. I do my boat in quarters. Wet down the first quarter of the boat with water. Shake up the Wonderfoam. Spray it on and and wipe it around with a soft brush or rag to make sure it is on even and let it set for a minute. Rinse it off with water real good. If the stain or build up is really bad you may have to use a brush. If after the first coat didn't do the job completely repeat and go on to the next quarter. Follow up with Restore which is a cleaner polish. After you get a few coats of Restore on your boat you will notice a BIG difference in the amount of water spots you get the next few times out. About every 4 times out I repeat with the Restore. The only place you will see a build up is on your out drive where the minerals will dry fast due to heat. Wonderfoam will make fast work of taking it off without any elbow grease. It is so so simple. The Restore goes on so fast it isn't funny. NO hard rubbing to put it on or off. Oh and each bottles is 11.90. Each quart bottle will last most of the summer. If I can answer any cleaning questions please google in Wonderfoam or Restore. You will easily come up with my web site and phone number. I doubt if its legal for me to put my URL on here. I am only putting this info on here to help out you guys that spend so much time cleaning your boat. I love what I do and love talking to people. :) Any of you Veterans that are interested in a free fishing weekend I am the coordinator of an event called Walleyes for Warriors. You can find out all about this at. www.walleyesforwarriors.com Like to have YOU sign up next fathers day weekend. Nels aka Skeeter

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Magic Eraser.

I buy them at walmart , just get the pad wet and wipe the area and spray off,l dont know how they work so good but they do. They have never done any damage to my gel coat! I have had blood stains on the boat l could not get off and these things worked.

Good luck....

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