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Over the years I have preached that I don't believe in running two of the exact same baits at the same time. There is no logical reasoning for it just superstition. With that said one thing I do love to do and want everyone to try and do more of is fish similar patterns. Pictured with this tip is 3 very similar patterns in the middle is arguably the hottest flasher in Wisconsin the past two seasons Dragon Slayer. The left is Blue Dragon Slayer and on the right is Radioactive. The only difference between the 3 is the main color on the blade. The ladderbacks and Uv tape are the same on each. When the dragon slayer flasher is red hot like it usually is putting these other two are a must! Another good trick is say the dragon slayer is 71 down on a rigger and it takes off fire one of these two blades on one of your other riggers to 71 down as u work that fish to the boat! Good Luck


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An old time Charter Captain I know has always said the he runs a full spread of the same baits when working shallow water. When he moves off shore he starts adding variety. I checked him out the first time in 1983 and he was running Lucky lures, all with chartreuse paint. Funny he filled the box.

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