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This past weekend was the Sheboygan Salmon Cup tournament. Boats from all around Lake Michigan participated in the event and found some nice fish. For weeks up until the event fishing was dismal. While it still isn't red hot it did get better as the week went on with some boats catching as many as 15 fish. King Salmon made up the volume of the better catches and boats found them from Manitowoc all the way own to south of Port Washington. The Anglers Avenue team that I captain was lucky enough to come out on top and I wanted to share some of our successful tackle from the weekend with everyone. We had 5 baits that were the most productive for us:

1. Prototype Michigan Stinger Black Mamba UV flasher with rapture code red teasers and a John King raging red head. This was the bait my 5 yr old Lilly landed the biggest fish of the weekend on which was a 20# king

2. Harv's Black Friday Stinger flasher with a Mercy UV salmon candy fly was productive

3. Pro King's Dragon Slayer flasher with a Illumination salmon candy fly

4. Prototype Michigan Stinger flasher Jerry's Mistress with Rapture Illusion teasers and a John King SUV head

5. Black Edge stinger flasher with the same rig as the Black Mamba

Thought the season we catch fish on lots of different gear by many different manufacturers but as some rigs become HOT I love sharing them with fellow fisherman so they can catch more fish.

The best fishing was n 120-150ft of water with most of the fish coming in the 35-60 ft down range


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