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Au Gres 6-9-2014

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We started early with two foot waves with an occasional 3. It soon built to 5s with an occasional 6 footer. We fished carefully for awhile staying close and within easy striking distance of the river. When we started the wind was NW and it shifted to almost E. We managed to pick up 5 eyes when a the Bee Hive put out a call for help. They were dead in the water S. of Pt. Au Gres. We quickly pulled lines and went and got them. We must have had them in tow for well over an hr. because all I could do safely was about 3 knots pulling the Be Hive. Bad things can happen on the Bay with 6 footers even if you have power. The capt. of the Bee Hive, a 24 ft vessel, was grateful and offered to pay us for our service. I declined payment but he gave us his two walleye because he had his hands full dealing with the boat. Skip S, Martin G, and Fr Charlie were aboard. The toughest part of the ordeal was tying their line to our stern. I had to stay in Neutral and was broached in the waves for a bit.


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Great job in a tough spot Frank.

Major kudo's to you being willing to help a fellow boater out in time of need.

However, I will share my perspective that I don't insure the value of my boat, but I always pay the $65 a season for tow insurance from Tow Boat USA. I have used it to get towed when my motor failed, get gas when the gas dock wasn't open yet and I went fishing with a fictitious 'quarter tank'.

Best investment I hope to never use.

As I am sure you are aware, but not everyone is, getting a line on a disabled vessel in rough seas, and towing it, is no easy task; and dangerous. Not for the inexperienced, or feint of heart.

Well done captain!

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Glad you were able to help them out, and I'm certain it was a relief for them also. I've been out in those rough bay conditions, and lord knows I wouldn't want to become distressed. Glad everyone is okay! :thumb:

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I tried to fish yesterday and it was nasty. We went out front and set up in about 32' and trolled with the waves. We marked a lot of fish on the bottom there and managed to catch five walleyes in about 30 minutes, but the waves were building. I then pulled lines and went in tighter to shore out from North Port but even there the waves were bad, so we bagged it and headed in. It was a lot nicer today for sure, but tomorrow's forecast is not good.

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