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We set down in 160 just off castle park and put the boat on a SW (240). Set one rigger down 50 with a double kevorkian and it went off almost immediately. Lost the fish a few seconds after coming tight. Next fish came on a 11in white paddle and a big weenie poofster flie down 100 on a rigger. Trolled around for a bit and decided to head west to find the break since the water temp in 180 was 59. Break was in 210 where it went from 59-51 with lots of debris in the water. Landed one steelhead on a 175 with a mag lt. green diva silver streak, lost another on a 3 color with a jawbreaker and broke off our 150 with a gold watermelon. Didn't feel like catching steelhead all night so we went back in and hit a good king in 190 on a low diver 230 back with a big weenie 10in spotted dick meat combo. Continued our easterly troll picking away a king on a 7 color with a jager bomb and 2 steelies on a high diver with a steelie stomper. We put a little more north in the troll right as the sun was above the water and hit another good king on a big weenie 10in xxxtreme glow blue tribal series meat rig 80 back on the low diver. As soon as the sun got below the water it got crazy. The same low diver went again and went from 90 to 490 with a good 17-18lb king. 200 went with a hog wild stinger. Other low diver with meat took another good fish. Lost a steelhead on the high diver 90 back. Landed another king on the 7 color. Missed a fish on a rigger 35 down with a green flounder moonshine and pulled a shaker in on our 3 color with a jawbreak. Finally got the chaos taken care of around 1030 and I think we ended 12/19. Awesome night on the water.







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