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Fished in the WMFL and had a great day.

We started out near Saugatuck in 60 fow trolling SW (2.7 at the ball) and had three fish in the box quick. A big steelhead and two smaller kings. Then we turned and trolled NW/NE cutting through 80 fow but got nothing to go - even though we marked a bunch of fish. After an hour of nothing I checked the coastwatch surface temp map and decided to run deep. At 250 fow we hit a temp brake and scum line. We changed all shallow lines to orange super slims and the deeper lines to purple super slims - and didn't get anything until I bumped up the speed to 3+ mph. Then it was on. We got 2 kings and 4 steelhead in the next 40 minutes before deciding to turn east. I bumped up the speed at 4.5 mph at the ball and we got 2 more steelhead in the box as we were pulling lines. What a blast fighting all those steelhead - and what great weather to allow the 17' boat to make that run.

Here's what worked:


We got our box weighed in, unfortunately I was running late for a wedding and couldn't wait for the results. Can anyone tell me how we did?

Lets see how quickly the summer weather and water conditions set in as I've got to put the boat away for a few weeks now.

Tight lines everybody.


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We also fished in the WMFL tourney and took 2nd place. I was on the boat 'Any Time Now', can't remember who finished 1st. A nice moment of prayer and silence for the passing of Captain Jerry Lee of the Sea Screw. A totally classy event. Thanks to all.

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