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Took a quick trip after work tonight, with the 14 footer. It was a Blue Dolphin kind of night.

We went 3 for 4 fishing 50 to 100 feet of water.

Started out hitting a steelie on the Blue Dolphin 30 down on a rigger 67 fow, WNW troll. After a brief dancing show right behind the boat, it took off toward one of the boards and threw the hook on another jump when my buddy tried to stop it from tangling the full core.

Fish two, 23" king. 30 down, same Blue Dolphin spoon. IIRC we were in 85FOW, south troll.

Fish three, 22" king. Again 30 down, same spoon. 50FOW on our east troll back in.

Lastly we pulled a little 11.5" guy around on a reg size moonshine behind a dipsy at the end of the night.

Fish cleaned and packaged and in the fridge. Boat and gear all put away, and in front of dinner all before 9 lol. Would of liked to of stayed out to dark, but we both have to work in the morning.

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