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Saturday morning game plan for Holland?

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Headed out for the first time tomorrow morning in Holland- 5/31- need all the help I can get. Depth, how far down, SOG, lures, whatever else would put a few fish in the box.

Looks like the weather is shaping up nice.

Thanks for the help.


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Barring someone who fishes today reporting something more exact later today, my plan for tomorrow is to head out to about 50 foot and start setting gear while headed on a troll that contains mostly a westerly direction. I plan to head westerly until I find fish or the temp break on the surface and then work that water. It could be 80 foot, it could be 160 foot.

Wednesday I fished 150-160 and caught fish(8 for 10), but also know of someone who fished 50-110 and caught fish(18-21) and someone else who fished 125-135 and caught fish(6 for 12). Water is moving around alot.

I was fishing Mag dipsys on 1 setting 65-75 out, standard dipsys on 3 settting 80-90 out, 3 color, 150 copper, 200 copper and 250 copper and caught fish on everything. The only thing that didn't go for me was riggers anywhere from 30-45 down.

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I'm finally getting the boat wet for the first time on Saturday out of Holland as well. Changed the engine and lower unit oil in both Honda outboards yesterday. Finishing cleaning today and then getting the tackle onboard. With the WMFL fishing league having an event out of the DNR ramp Saturday morning (6 am - noon), we are planning to launch between 6 and 7 am to avoid the rush. The launch ramp could be a little busy :). Hopefully the fish cleaning station will also be busy but cleared out when we get in later.

Give me a call on the VHF and I'll share what we find works and where!

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Our best water this week was 70-100 but caught fish outside of that also. Last night they seemed scattered with a few everywhere. But we did start marking bait in the 90' range so I'd start about 55' and head west. Mixed veggie is still hot and the purple muffin spoon is still hot. Last night lighter greens went well. Best depth for us has been 3 color and stuff 35-45 down. Also rigger bite was the best last night we've had all year yet.

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