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1st 3 man limit, Holland 5.28 am

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Went out with Dr Hook and Rog and thanks to Benlubbs post we started looking shallow. Marked fish in 50' and set lines and it was none stop action out to 110.

Best day for us and after coming in in 1st place last trip out in the 3+1 Tourney its the best 2 straight trips ever for us. Lots of mid size Kings and steelhead in the top 40' and a few nicer ones down low. We went 18 for 21 with 3 throwbacks (1 was our biggest King and was not intentional by the "rookie") Mixed veggie on the 3 color was on fire, one of the muffin spoons (blue?) was good, monkey puke again was good and 1 on the blue/green spin doctor with a almost white fly with a blue tint. Full core went twice and 150 copper I think 3 times. Thanks to Doc and Rog for coming along (and Tung and Gnarf for the 3+1 help). Great way to break in the new old boat.IMG_0948_zps509b6e0c.jpg

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The weather looks like it will be stable through the weekend. Planning on towing over in Saturday. Hopefully the fish stick around.

Thanks for the post! Had pretty much narrowed it to either Holland or Muskegon, but with the good ramp and great fish cleaning facility... your post pushed it to the top!

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