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After finishing the basement cleaning and garage this is my final list of stuff:

Email [email protected]

1 Clarion 454D with copper $70

1 8' M Shimano TDR $18

1 Penn 320GTI $50

4 8' ML Shimano Talora $30 each

2 10MH Shimano Talora $40 each

3 10'6 Shimano Talora $40 each

2 Okuma Convector 30D with mono $50 each

1 9'0 Talora Copper Rod $50

1 Diawa Sealine 47 with wire $70

1 9' MH TDR $18

1 8'M TDR $18

1 9'M Talora $40

1 Tekota 600 $100

1 Tekota 600LC $120

1 Convector 55L with copper $70

I have a few other tackle and equipment stuff let me know if you are looking for anything in particular. Between loading the boat and selling on here the basement and garage are empty!

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