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just purchased a fish hawk 840

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Hey guys, I just purchased a fish hawk 840 from capt. Russell on Anglers Avenue for $250. I was looking for one and this was a great deal. One question is I know the 840 probe isn't as good as the x4 probe but how long do the batteries last? And also can I buy an x4 probe for the 840 unit and wiring system. Thanks

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Sorry to say the 840 probe will eat batteries. Plan on a new 9v for every couple of days on the water. The probe turns on when oriented as it would be connected to the downrigger and powers off if positioned up side down (should be marked on the probe). Making sure it is in the off position when not in the water will help get longer life from them. I also found that using top quality alkaline batteries (Duracell or EverReady) also got longer use from them -- cost of the alkalines ends up about the same as the "regular" batteries since you need many more of the regular to get the same life.

The X4 probe is much better. I have used a couple sets of 4 AA per season on it. The X4 probe is water activated so when it is out of the water it powers off. Good news is that in the future you can upgrade to the X4 probe and it will work with the 840 display and transducer.

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Change 9V smoke detector batteries every year. Finish them off in the probe. Cheap batteries will get you a trip or two and are far less expensive than a gallon of gasoline, a quart of oil, or that new lure ya just have to have. Battery cost is not a significant expense.

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