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Prefishing Friday for the steelheaders was phenomenal. My cousin and I went along with Mark (CaseyII) going 24/35 for Friday morning. Out down with a mag SS lemon berry took a few nice fish, 200 copper with a Mag SS Metallic Green Frog was hot, 5 color with a standard coyote was also good. High divers back 70-90 with Mag SS chunky monkey spoons took our biggest king. We fished from the start of the slides to just past Saugatuck in 40-60 fow. With such an amazing day Friday, I thought I had the plan set for the Steelheader's tourney on Sat.

Woke up Saturday to the same conditions as Friday, set up in 45 fow and was hoping for the same outcome. Hit a 10lb king 15 min after setting lines on a high diver with a Mag SS Chunky Monkey then proceeded to troll for the next hour and a half without a bump. Made a few calls up to Grand Haven and made the decision to make the run at around 8. Set down in 55 fow in the mud in GH at 9 and took a quick 16lb king on a 150 with a SS Orange Chilly Willy. Worked our way out to 60 fow where we hit a double on high divers 70 and 90 back with a mag double orange crush and a standard double orange crush. Boated another 15lb king and an 11lb king. Tried everything in the book to get our fifth fish to fire to no avail. Had a long run back into the waves to Holland so we started packing up at 11:35. Pulled in the downriggers and was reeling in the coppers when I looked over and the high diver was jacking. Boated our fifth fish, an 8lb king on the mag orange crush. Ended 5/5 for the day. We were running 2.2-2.4 at the ball all morning. Our final weight for the Steelheader's tourney was 60.54lbs which was enough for second place. Thanks so much to the Steelheader's for putting the event on! Hopefully the fishing continues to be this good for a while!

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