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Had the priveledge to take 4 veterans out thru the armed forces salmon assault tournament. After excellent prefishing results Friday morning we were greeted with what seemed to be a baron wasteland of a fishery. Had an undersized laker and a brown to show until 9 am then the sun came out and so did the fish. Ended 11/11. 1 laker 1steelhead 1 brown 7 kings and a walleye. Walleye was caught on a silver streak mini copper perch on a 150 copper in 50 fow go figure.

Riggers 20-25 dn with streak blue mango and veggie delight

25 copper with streak uv mix veggie

50 copper with streak margarita

75 copper with streak sprint car

Wire 40 back with streak panty Ho.

It was a great event and I look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks to the vets and to everyone who made the event possible

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