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Got a phone call from NO -MO- BEGGIN at lunch time yesterday and asked if I had plans to go fishing after work, my reply, well I do now,LOL.

So the two of use and Rogers wife left the dock at 5:15 ish and ran north a couple miles and turned around a trolled south back to the pier eir . and back about a mile. We ended the evening at 7:10 going 13 for 16, with 11 browns 2 small ones released safe, and 2 shaker kings that were bleeding,.

Best water was 10 to 12 ft and the speed was 2.5 to 2.7.

And this is what worked and the catch.


  1. Smurfet
  2. Gold Water Melon
  3. Gold Acid Rain
  4. Copper Mixed Veggies
  5. Copper Skittles
  6. and not pictured is a Margaretta on a 2 color


Well now its back to work to catch up after all the play time the last couple weeks.:lol:

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