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St. Joe is rockin, we started in front of the pump station in 27 FOW, and had our first fish before we had 3 rods set, and it kept it up all morning long. We ended the day keeping 15 out of 20 that we boated, and had 5 other hits that did not stay buttoned. Our best direction was either a north or south troll, between the pump station and Rocky gap. Tournament Friday and Saturday, but fishing should be good. We ended up with 12 Kings, 2 Lake Trout and 1 Coho.

Here is what worked.


dsc01792_thumb.jpg Mikes big guy. We released 5 of these


Fish came on riggers at 15 and 20, 2color, 4 color, 6 color, power pro walker deeper diver 107's set on 2 out 55, and 45, we had 1 rigger on the bottom with the trash can and spin n glo that got the Lakers.

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