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Had the day of work, so I got a hold of 3 good friend and we desided to go take advantage of the amazing Brown trout fishing that weave had.

I left the ramps at 8:30ish with my good friend Dennis aka Capt Snap., No Mo Beggin, and Somethin Fishy. We set up just to the south a half mile and trolled south to Ovel Beach. We fished mainly 8 to 15 fow and finished the day at about 1 pm going 21 for 2?, with 13 Browns 1 released, 5 small kings 4 shakers released, 1 nice coho, 2 steelhead and a small laker.

Heres what took fish


These are

  1. Smurfet
  2. Gold Water Melon
  3. Gold Acid Rain
  4. Copper Veggi's
  5. Copper Skittels
  6. Not sure of this one.
  7. Double Dutch
  8. Gold Org. Chillie Willie

All of these were Silver Streak Mini's

and a few of the catch




As a side note. the best speed by far has been 2.5 on the gps and north has been as good as south.

Thanks for coming and getting in on the fun John, Rog. and Dennis, It was fun getting all the guys around again.:lol::thumb:.

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