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Well Saturday forecast for Sunday was off again. Got up and found 2 to 4 footers with a stiff North wind, decided to go anyway. My Friend Terry, his son Eric and 2 grandson's Dakota and Tyler met up with my Partner Mike and I at 7am, and we headed out.

Cleared the piers and ran North to Rocky gap and set lines going down wind. Ran the same all Stinger pattern we had been running, 1,2,4, and 6 colors of lead core, deeper divers set on 2 out 24 and 30, riggers set at 10,12,15 and 17. We caught a mixed bag, 1 King about 13#, 2 coho, 1 Brown, and 1 Steelhead. .

Lake was really rough and there were a lot of boats to deal with. But we caught a few fish for the boys. I still get a kick out of seeing an 8 year old catch his first salmon. Will post pics when I get a chance to upload them.

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