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This Years Hunt


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Was hoping to see some more turkey stories here this spring. I'll get it started with my hunt this year. I haven't been fishing in two weeks and look forward to getting back on the water but I love turkey hunting.

I had a very exciting season that lasted 5 days with one tough day and great action the other 4.

Almost closed it out off the roost on the opener and a gobbler was getting closer just out of sight when I got busted by a hen that came in silent from behind to 10ft. Called in and passed a jake later. I hunted a 1/2 day and heavy rain sent me to work for the afternoon.

Day 2 was the best day I've ever had not killing a bird. It was pouring at dawn so I took the kids to school to help my wife who is gem in turkey season. The rain stopped around 9AM and I headed for the woods. When I got out of the truck, a bird gobbled on his own within 150 yards. I tried to set up on him but he must have seen me as I never heard him again. As I approached my 2nd spot on foot, I kicked out a hen and a gobbler right where I wanted to set up. It was a long walk and I was dejected but I knew there were about 4 birds in this area so I set up anyway. Within a 1/2 hour, I had another gobbler answering my calls across a field I was by. I could not see him due to a clump of brush. This bird was hot, gobbled every 2 minutes on his own. I called on every 7th-8th gobble; he would cut me off and ever slowly moved closer. This went on for an hour until I could finally see him 120 yards out. It took another hour of constant strutting and gobbling to get to 60 yards. He slid by me just out of range and into the wood line still gobbling. I circled to get in front of him and should have been one tree closer to him. It took another hour to see him and he slid by at 50yards, just a bit farther than I want to shoot. One more tree closer and I would have had a shot. Tried a 3rd move on him, he was still gobbling on his own until a live hen went by me to him and he shut up. I chased this hot gobbling bird until 1:45PM. Moved locations, struck up another gobbler at 2:30PM and he hung up just out of sight after an hour working him. Wrapped it up at 4:30 because I don't like to hunt the evenings.

Only had an hour on Wednesday and almost got one off the roost. He was gobbling and coming in but he chose to walk down a dirt road to me and car came by and spooked him just out of range. Then I had to go to work.

I had the last 4 days off from work. Had an all-day hunt Thursday, one of the slowest days I've ever had. My roost hunt was a bust, no birds there. Heard a distant gobble, moved to him and never heard him again. I put a lot of miles on my boots this day covering a lot a ground in a lot of places and I could not strike up another gobbler all day. It was cold and windy. That was a discouraging hunt as I can usually strike up a bird through the middle part of the day when covering the amount of land I walked.

Hunted a new spot on Friday along ways off the road and there were 5-6 gobblers there compared to the two 2 I heard scouting pre-season. There were on fire on the roost and they kept it up on the ground. I thought I was in a good spot but they were henned up as I could hear lots of hens talking too. They would answer every call but I could not budge them. My plan was to be patient and their occasional gobbles throughout the morning kept me planted longer than I sit in one spot. They stayed in the same spot all morning. Had 2 lone hens go by at 11AM but the gobblers had shut up. I started to leave at noon, got a couple hundred yards and the gobblers lit up again. One was very close by me on the way I was heading. I made a call, he gobbled again and I saw his head pop up coming over a rise in range and he kept coming. I was standing, got a look at a good beard, pulled up the gun quickly and dropped him. He was a limb hanger!




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Great report Ed. My son and I are heading out this up coming Sat. The Vet who rode in my boat for Walleye for Warriors last year ended up being a turkey fanatic and a board member of the NWTF chapter in Belding. While we were out fishing he offered to take my son out around the area here and get him on a bird. I can't wait. Really hoping to learn a lot since my experience has been mostly reading and shows.

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