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We set lines at 7:15 in just north of the piers, in a really strong east wind. before all the lines were set we had a coho on a 1 color, and the day only got better. stayed in 25 to 40 FOW, all spoon bite, stingers any red or red and green, pink and green combo. Craigs Christmas, glow Christmas, bloody nose, all were good. South or north troll, 2.2 to 2.9 mph on the gps. Our spread was 1color 2 color and 4 color leadcore, 2 Walker deeper diver 107's set on 2 out 24 and 30 feet. 4 riggers set at 10, 12 15 and 22 feet all leads were 30 to 40 feet. Ended the day keeping 15, 7 kings 6 coho, 1 Brown and 1 Steelhead. Released 2 shaker kings and lost 8. Total for the day 17 of 25. Pulled lines at 11:30.


dsc01788_thumb.jpg Jphn Wright's first everBrownTrout.

dsc01786_thumb.jpg Left to right Terry Overloop Mark Brand, John Wright and Brian Brockway.


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Great job Mike! We were debating on coming down this morning but stuck near home because it fished well on Friday night and weren't sure how much the lake would lay down overnight with the strong East wind. Looks like we should have made the trip!

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