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Well after last weekend I could not stand to sit at work any longer, so last night I contacted Kill n It and Juicy Baron and decided to go back and try our luck again. We left the dock around 8:30 and returned around noon. We fished from the beach out to 30 fow and marked fish in most waters we fished. We ended the morning 7 for 8 with 2 coho, 1 good king and 4 browns.

Heres what worked and the catch.


These are

  1. J-9 Perch Rapala
  2. J-11 Gold and black Rapala
  3. A Worrier Spoon of Daves, name unknown
  4. Chrome Red Herring bone River Rocker

And the catch


Great times again, thanks for comeing along on short notice, had a awsome time as always.:thumb:

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