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Swivels for line to line connections.

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I see that a lot of people are using spro power swivels for there line to line connections. I found these the other day and think they maybe even better. There are stainless, smaller, cheaper, and heavier rating. Sounds like a win, win to me.


Size 14-78lb breaking strength. What are your thoughts.

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I'll stick with the tried and true and if theres one thing I've learned over the years is toy get what you pay for I wouldn't like to find out the bargain brand loses me tackle and fish.Let us know how they hold up after a season.

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the little spro's are 50# and have never failed me.

I've been using the number 10 which are rated for 35# and have split rings, are the ones your using as small as the number 10's?

I need them to go through the rod and reel line guides.



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