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Painting up the boat.

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I decided to try the roll & tip method using Rustoleum Topside paint. I will see how it holds up this year. The biggest problem so far has been removing the old vinyl stickers the boat came with. Been experimently with several adhesive solvents but really haven't come up with a "great" solution. Perhaps something that could be powerwashed would work better.





I have primed all exposed metal with a self etching spray primer.

I painted the transom to check the thinner/paint ratio and decided to add some more mineral spirits to the mix. It looks pretty good though.

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Try a product called Vinyl Off. You wipe it on the lettering, let it sit for 2-3 minutes and then the vinyl can be removed much easier. if you search YouTube there are a couple videos on it.

Worked well on a small boat I have that the old "MC" lettering was probably 15+ years old.

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Capt Terry,

I got the following info off another forum as I thought it best someone else explain it.

"Roll and tip is a technique for applying paint as smoothly as possible without spraying, one person uses a very short nap roller, applying paint with up and down motions, again as thin as possible but with 80% or better coverage, the next person comes right behind and "tips" the paint with a side to side motion, using a quality brush, if done right you can move right along large surfaces, like a boat hull, and have pretty good results, you can also add brushing additives to the paint to help it flow and lay down.....with a little practice you can get really remarkable results"

You can do some more research on this online and find a decent amount of material. Perhaps some specialty paint stores may also be able to help.

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I have 1 coat on the port side and 2 coats on the starboard.

It's looking pretty good here in the shop, and I will hopefully finish up this weekend so I can give it a full week to cure before taking it out anywhere.




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