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whats on everyones to do list

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New Bottom Paint, install new VHF radio and antenna. Clean, Clean, Clean. ReSpool all of the Rigger reels, check all the leadcore and copper rigs and replace leaders. Re tie the wire connections on the wire dipsys and replace the Power Pro line on the Power pro dipsys. New hooks or sharpen hooks? Depends on condition. I have been working on this all winter. Get all the tackle sorted again and ready to kick of the spring season.

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I got a jump start ( got bored ), already washed, waxed the boat, motor and trailer. Replaced the trailer bearings, races, seals and bearing buddies. Plus repacked with new waterproof grease. Cleaned out the inside of the boat & glass. Relocated a locator from the bow area to the port side dash. Cleaned the electrical terminals, labeled inline fuses, tied up all wiring with cable ties. Removed & replaced fuel & water separator filter, also re-primed new filter. Also finished cleaning out tackle boxes & re-spooled & checked reels & rods. Things to do yet, test run the motor at home not at the ramp on the first time out for the year. Replace non-slip strips on trailer fenders. Then I need to FISH FISH FISH!!!!!


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Go through all my wiring. Put a fuse block in the transom for my electric riggers and wire in an auto bilge pump, too. Install my new Humminbird 859 sounder/gps. Maybe re-paint my floor if I have time...... And add some more floatation to gunnels and transom.

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My to do list is to complete my project boat for spring. New floor and transom installed, new cabin bulkheads, cabin carpet and vinyl almost complete, upgrading to hydraulic steering with auto pilot in the future. Got the outdrive transom assy in last weekend and will be installing the engine this weekend. Still have to remove downriggers and transducer from my Thompson and get them ready to install. I keep hearing spring is coming but so is christmas.


From the old the new is reborn.



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  • Call Mother Nature's customer service line to find out when 60* temps will be off back order (I know it's only March, but last time I called it was not expected until May. Apparently I aggravated someone though, because the temps went back to below zero last week) :P
  • Install new helm/passenger seats
  • Buy a 300' spool of 32# copper and put on reel
  • Buy a 1,000' spool of 30# wire and put on reel
  • Respool some downrigger reels
  • Figure out issue with battery charging on boat (gizmo to let either outboard charge all batteries isn't working)
  • Find a net handle extension for my big Frabill (not needed by spring though)
  • Look at rewiring using new light up when blown fuse panel
  • Open bilge pumps and make sure they are clear/clean
  • Replace seals and O rings on deck and splashwell access ports (maybe install new ports)
  • Buy a gallon or two of Simple Green & Magic Erasers and clean boat
  • Install new boat decals on hull
  • Install new Scotty outlets and wiring for downriggers
  • Redo brake lines on trailer
  • Evaluate, clean and organize tackle -- did rods/reels/equipment, but was hoping to get to all of the lures this week prior to the Hudsonville swap meet and thin the herd, but didn't through all of them
  • Try to condense lures to be able to take some stuff off the boat

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Purchase and install a FM radio. Any suggestions? Looked online at this?


Reid, that is a very cool stereo! Didn't expect to see something outside the typical rectangle DIN format. It doesn't have a CD player but if you have your music on a USB stick or MP3 player who cares. My boat has a Clarion unit with a CD player and it never skips but USB/MP3 would be better. Mine is great but due to the size, it had to be mounted in a location that isn't real convenient to use. I now wish it had a wireless remote to control it.

Only real downsize I see is that if it ever dies will you be able to get a replacement unit that will fit the 3" round format hole? A typical DIN format radio could be replaced by any other radio with the same standard mounting format.

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