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grand bend ontario

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I have just purchased a family trailer in Grand Bend ON, so will be spending allot of time there this season.

I have a 21ft Crestliner Sport-fish rigged out currently for lake Erie walleye as I live in St.Thomas ON. Plan on storing my boat at the trailer and frequent Lake Huron often.

Have a few questions....

- does anyone know where I can launch my boat in or near grand bend?

- How far out must I go in order to get to 80-100 feet?

- Lake Erie I travel out 22miles (half way to the US) just to get that depth!


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Sorry I can not help you out. I have never fished out of grand bend but have been told the fishing can be good.

I m sure you will not have to travel that far. Waverunner runs out of grandbend if you can look him up im sure he will be able to help you out. I know he has some youtube videos on lake huron.

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There is a boat launch right in Grand Bend. On the south side of the river. Or there are a number of launches in Port Franks. We usually fish out of Port Franks or Kettle Point. Just guessing but I believe around 5 to 7 miles out will get you to 80 to 100 fow. It will not be near as far as Lake Erie.

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