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Looking to first mate


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Hello im looking to first mate as part time/ on call or fulltime for a couple Charter boats this fall. In have 3 years of mating on lake michigan as well as 2 years of guiding waterfowl and charter fishing trips down in Texas. I would like to start down in St Joe and southern ports and willing to go as far north as Ludington. Thank you for your time.

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Anyone wanting a solid hard working 1st mate should give him a try. Even though I don't charter he was my 1st mate for over 3 years. We took a lot of friends and family fishing and fished in around 50 tournaments together. He was on time and great to have on the boat he learns fast and was always great with helping kids get their first big fish. Anyone who has seen the pics of my grandkids smiling with their fish should know the extra hands in the pics were his. He stood next to my 8 year old grand daughter while she caught her 16lb King and helped her catch the fish of a lifetime for her. There is no better friend out there he put up with my crap for years and always had a smile on his face.

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