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Rigger Rod Line

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Ok so what's good for getting the sea fleas off? I'm going to get some soon!!

It was discussed a couple years ago on another site. A device called a "Flea Stripper" was mentioned with good reviews, but the web site referenced for it is no longer up and running. Here is a link to a YouTube video of using the Flea Stripper:


Others suggested using a plastic knife -- specifically the ones from McDonald's restaurants and they have no teeth and supposedly don't harm the line. Have not tried it myself.

Personally I slap the line against the water using the rod or pluck the line like I'm shooting a bow to remove them. The biggest problem is when they accumulate at the rod tip when fighting a fish.

Another method to keep them off is to splice a 100' segment of 30 test mono into the rigger line followed by a leader length you would normally fish as the stretch from the rigger ball to the lure. The 30# line is thicker and the fish-hook water fleas can't latch on to it as easy as thinner line. Only the line from the rod tip to the downriger weight needs to be the thicker line since it is the line running vertical in the water that they hook onto. The best thing about this solution is the anti flea 30# can be added only when the fleas are a big problem without having to completely replace the line on the reel(s) and is easy to remove later.

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thats too bad and sorry to hear you had a bad experience. That is definitely not the norm from what I have seen with the clear and purple. Myself and other charters I know have really abused the Blood Run mono with great results.

I know! I keep reading good things about it, maybe I got a bad spool?

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I tried the 20lb blood run mono last year on a rod and was very impressed after it got in the wire diver and came out fine. I might try a spool I of the tournament blood run line this year. I also use a few different lines but my favorite is 10lb test. A big king can really run then and the fight is much longer.

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