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Holland 11/3/13 AM/PM

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Went 2/4 out of Holland from around 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM today. It took a while to get out because we had motor issues right away. Trolled north to the bubbler in P.S. in 10-25 FOW. Missed our first fish on a lemon ice 12 feet down on a rigger between the state park and tunnel park. First fish was a #16+ Steelhead on a shore side mono board with a red and black squiggle brad's thin fish caught in front of James Street. After a while with no bites we headed to the bubbler where we saw some Steelhead jump and missed one on a 5-color with an orange/silver spoon. We headed back to Holland and about halfway there a Steelhead jumped right next to our boat so we decided to fish some more. We picked up a #11 Brown on a 5-color with a small blue/silver spoon (forget the name) at around 3 PM and trolled back to Holland with no more bites.



picture.php?albumid=363&pictureid=787 (cooler is about 40 inches long)

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Patrick the lake had some chop early in the day that picked up a bit around 11:00 AM and then settled back down around 1:00 PM. It was definitely worse further out. We could see a few boats out there in the morning and they seemed to be getting rocked around a lot. It was much more calm in 30 FOW or less where we were. The wind chill was the worst part; my hands were frozen setting lines, but the sun and especially the Steelhead eventually warmed us up. That fish bent out the O-ring connecting the hook to the lure to the point where I slid off the hook without a pliers after we got it out of its mouth!

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