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leadcore reels

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I would suggest 250 yards of 30# power pro with a 10ft piece of Mono to the leadcore, the Mono has a lot of stretch, and the line diameter for the mono precludes maximum length for the backer. If you don't like Power pro any 30# braid works well. use a willis knot to attach the mono to the core, and a double uni knot to attach the mono to the power pro. gives you a 10' piece of mono to attach a board and you get plenty of backer to get boards away from the boat.

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Mine are on 700's with 65 lb backing and it's usually one of my outside boards (10 color). Not even close to running out of backing even with a big screamer on it. Gear ratios are both 4.2:1 so there's no gain there, the 800 is just a wider spool, not bigger diameter so there's no gain on an 800 from a reel torque or speed perspective. That being said- we run coppers on either Convector 55's and Tekota 800's

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