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The fish didn’t move too far from Sunday marking bait and hooks in 40fow a bit north of N Gap. It didn’t start out fast and furious like Sunday but once just north of the Filter had four quick bites and that general area from 38-55fow produced for us and others. The west winds had cooled the water a couple of degrees finding 47 on the surface and 43.5 down 20 but fluctuated a bit depending on location. With this cold water and expecting mostly browns kept Depth Raider at 2.1-2.4mph(0.4mph slower for older model).

We caught fish as far north as the weather buoy but more fish closer to the filter. We were up north when they seemed to turn on around 930 for the boats back there and seemed to slow again by the time we got back. There would be periods of quiet then 2 to 3 bites close together. Definitely more bait off the bottom south of the filter. The hot ticket was again my version of Dirty Oz in regular size(taped old Raider spoons half glow like on Strike Zone Rotten Banana and half Oz aka Oil Slick) and silver belly on a five color. Interesting thing was the regular size took 4 bites rather early while the mag version on the other 5 color took zero. Quite a surprise considering the size of the alewife in their stomachs at around 5†for some.

Again too busy to keep absolute track of what worked and last night no time for writing a fresh report because of the prep for today’s colonoscopy that thankfully read as normal. Glad that’s over. Riggers with SWRs at 20 and 25’ with Mag Slime Ball and Brad’s Blue Hawaiian out performed dipsys that were all set shallow and only 4 bites on them with various flasher/Brad’s or spoons but the old reg Miss Thing fired a couple of times with 50loc hearing others were getting some bites on purple. 3 color with 5F White/blue Evil only 2 bites but one was the biggest king at 12.4#. 4 color with the Mag Orange Easter egg quiet as was replacement Andy Reeker that drug around a small chin for too long. 6 and 7 color Spotted Cow stayed busy but 5 colors ruled the day.

Kept two 3 yr and one two yr old chinook. Nice surprise was running into some bit browns boxing 4 Seaforellens from 8-11# and 4 others over 5# and remainder of our 20 fish the small browns. Craig brought along some of his smoked brown and for those of you who berate their eating quality might be pleasantly surprised.

Hope the wind forecast for Sunday drops so we can take advantage of this action. It was exactly 2 years ago that Boog, Bob, Eyechaser and myself were out and taking a picture of 20 chins by 0830(pic attached). Just picking on you guys that puts your boats away.

Grey Beard




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