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Bottom paint

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Try a paint remover/pressure washer to get that old stuff off first. Then I'd call a marine supply store for advice on your particular needs. If you trailer a lot, and seldom keep boat at a dock, perhaps you don't need any. Otherwise, guys like West Marine can give free advice. There are a lot of choices and price ranges to choose from. Some mfrs. suggest launching the boat withing a day or two of painting, so this may be a better spring project for now, except to remove the old paint of course. Good luck.

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i also have 24 ft fiberglass just bought and it has anti foul paint on it, stuff is smearing up onto the gel coat ( real pain ). so ive been investigating solutions as well. i think i would like to take it off and go back to a gel coat as i dont plan on keeping it in the water for more than couple days at a time but from what ive been told sand blasting blah blah blah real spendy. so redoing the anti foul means sanding and re painting. then your suppose to do it every year. i really dont want to have to deal with that every year so i too would be interested in some more knowledgeable thoghts

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bottom paints are a pain in the butt to put on correctly

but a real labor saver if done properly

a train wreck if not done properly

I like the new non metallic ecocide ablative paints

they don't have a expiration date how long then can be on the hull and not in the water like most metal based bottom paints

the surface wears off so there is no build up and sanding and stripping involved in recoating

most glass hulls have to be de waxed and all hull have a very specific surface needed to have the paint properly stick

special attention has to be taken to regulate dry times and intervals between coats according to temperature's for the desired results

often sand or soda blasting is required to properly prep the hull

before sanding with 50 grit paper to put hook in hull to make primer stick


4 coats of aluma protect epoxy primer


on goes the actual biocide ablative bottom paint

pettit ecco ultima


finished with a border stripe

multi year bottom paint



The best place to get specs from is always going to be the paint co customer service tech line

call be fore you start the job pay special attention to dry times and temperatures put the work in on the surface prep and you will be extremely happy with the results


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usually best to strip and start over

( but not always)

if you know exactly what's already on the hull you don't always have to strip/sand

if stripping is needed

we usually take it to a place that soda blasts them for us

I just don't have enough room to properly set up a area where we can do dust free blasting


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Good information Prop nut.

Do you strip old bottom paint and reapply? Have a 2452 I am thinking of having redone. But I have no way to get her off the trailer.

if you have room all you need to get a boat off a trailer is some boat stands

a bottle jack and some wood blocking

if you have the ability to do some of this stuff your self you can save some big money

its not hard just labor intensive

a must if you are going to slip a boat and don't want to cause some major engine damage if the hull gets like this


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