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Marked bait in 40fow on way out so set lines south of St. Mary’s. Got all the lines out before getting bit taking a big 2yr old(6#) on 4 color Mag Glow Easter Egg. Then a double on 3 yr olds, reg Dirty Oz 5 color and 25’ rigger with Big Al Blue UV and Brad’s Blue Hawaiian but the leader broke on that screamer so only landed one. Mag Slimeball fired SWR down 20’ another large fish that escaped. Then it turned into a brown fest on a variety of baits but mostly spoons. Hottest was the Dirty Oz that I put on both 5 colors and the other side SWR down 25 plus a dipsy and all took fish.

Kind of lost track of stuff today as was pretty busy and have to go BBsit the grandkids so a rushed report. Good news was the salmon in the middle was 18# on my very accurate digital and you can see the others were decent also. Three of our 3 yr olds came north of the filter in 45fow after 11 AM, 4 color, 5 color and 25’ SWR with lures as above. Water was high fortys on the surface and 45 down 25’ pushing the Depth Raider at 2.4-2.6(subtract 0.4mph for old version). Some very big pods of bait mostly under 45fow. We kept 8 salmon and 12 browns and they were mostly the small version but one Seaforellen around 7# and threw back around 10 fish. Wish I could go tomorrow as that was the best day I’ve had in quite a while.

Grey Beard


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