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there back!! 10-6 holland

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Well after hearing from a friend who got 11 fish Saturday am I decided to give it a try after the rain yesterday. My buddy Paul and I went to 85 fow and started setting lines ,got the second rigger down and the first one pops ,a nice 5 lb king , finally got all 6 lines in the water, went to 140 fow turned around got back to the 95 fow and took a double so pointed it south and slowly picked away at them , ended up 11 for 13 with 9 kings and 2 sub legal lake trout. Every thing came deep 85 and 90 down on riggers the water is 50 deg there ,170 back on wire divers, 400 and 300 coppers, took two trout on netminder spinie and blue flie, the rest were on mag glow spoons ,blue smolt, double trouble, flounder pounder, killer green glow, oh and the biggest king 10lbs came on a mag lemon berry on 400 copper, they are out there so go get em !



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