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Muskegon River Update???

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Well, I’ve opened my mouth and inserted foot again. I mention to my son that we should head over to Muskegon and try some Salmon fishing.

Now he is excited for the trip, but I am having a hard time finding information, as it will be a 2.5+ hour drive I’d like to make the trip worth it for him.

What I have is a 17’ aluminum boat, 60kp outboard, I do take it on some rivers, my boy goes with me every year to the Maumee Now.

Is there any action in Muskegon Lake or Lower part of the river?

Is Croton Dam production anything?

Are they still in Lake Michigan?

Any help would be great

Thanks Craig

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we fished the lower river from the 31 bridge to the mouth the last 2 weekends . Plenty of fish , all over 20 lb .

Casting Storm Thunderstick Deep Diver JR

Hot Tiger , Chrome / black were the best colors .

would suggest 30 lb braid as we broke off quite a few fish using 20lb

Morning bite was by far the best. probably averaged 8 fish on each trip out , hold on and hope your drags hold up.

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